Sunday, January 25, 2009

Preparing 2009...

With the beginning of the new year, we are glad to announce a few important news.

To start with, we are getting organised to set up a governance for the long term of the foundation.

From the beginning of the 2009 we established a new board of directors.

I (Marco Marinucci) will be joined by Fabrizio Capobianco and Matteo Daste, good friends who have been involved with the initiative since its inception.

The second important news is the launch of the MtB GYM, the project for mentoring and incubation of startups in Silicon Valley that we initially annouced in Venice in October.

Fabrizio and Matteo will be also involved in the GYM as partners, bringing their unique experience, namely, as entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and founder of BAIA and attorney.
The GYM will officially open in Febrary, physically with a space within the Plag & Play center in Redwood City (CA).
More to come on both the new governance of MtB and the GYM...

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