Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mind The Bridge at Roma III, June 13th

Guest post by Augusto Coppola, ERIS4.

At the University Roma III of Rome there is an interesting and increasing number of initiatives aiming to fill the gap between the Italian academic world and the new emerging industrial eco-system made of a number of national companies no longer interested in making business on the small regional scale, but rather in growing up internationally and provide the global market with high-tech products and services.

In this regard, Roma III is looking at the Mind the Bridge business plan competition as one of the best opportunities for students and researchers to verify their business ideas and collect valuable feedbacks from Silicon Valley experts, market leaders and investors.

In order to prepare its students and researchers to apply for the competition, Roma III is going to set up a number of seminars on how to prepare for the competition and for the Silicon Valley experience. The first seminar will be held on July 13th and the speaker will be MtB veteran Augusto Coppola, from the company ERIS4.

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