Monday, August 3, 2009

Mind the Bridge Social Club!

I'm glad to announce that Mind the Bridge now has a new Facebook Fan Page (thank you, 49 enthusiasts that joined us in the first 18 hours!) and a LinkedIn group.

If you believe in our mission, you are more than welcome to join and help us to spread the "connecting talent" idea, by talking about us in your blog posts, tweets, friendfeed posts... (just use the hashtag #mindthebridge so it'll be easier to search info about MtB).

We are approaching the social media world guradually, so you won't see any Twitter @mindthebridge for now: we want to make sure to give proper attention to every conversation, so it will be a gradual process.

Also, if you feel like browsing our 14 videos, Mind the Bridge's YouTube videochannel is right here.

Monitoring the online buzz will be one of my tasks, so I look forward to your comments and contributions, and hope to meet you at the next Mind the Bridge Venture Camp, in November.

Until then, see you on the web!

Mind the Bridge Foundation

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