Monday, September 28, 2009

GYM: launch of the 1st Presentation Skills module, Milano

It's official.
Starting in October, we'll be launching the first series of the MTB GYM training modules in Italy.

We start with what we believe is the most underestimated skill for Italian startups: presentation skills.

We'll be flying directly from the Silicon Valley Elisabetta Ghisini, a top notch professional in the field (more info in the attached flier).

We'll run 2 sessions of max 15 participants / class on Oct 20 and 21.
The coaching session is mandatory for the finalists presenting at the Venture Camp event, but open for other participants.
You can apply here. The availability is limited. This is your unique opportunity to greatly improve your chances of success in front of investors or clients.
Don't miss it!


klaudia viktoria kimura said...

This is an exciting presentation skills boot camp. I hope there would be activities such as this organized in our local community.

Unknown said...

That was an great opportunity for the business people. And thanks for the great information shared here. By the way I have learnt the Presentation skills and Influence skills from Fast track tool. They providing various Career development workshops,and programs. I have learnt the E-learning courses which helped me to know the presentation skills and tips to public speaking.