Friday, April 2, 2010

MtB Italy Tour: next week dates

The week after Easter we have three additional presentations, all scheduled on Wednesday (Apr 7th). The venue is the Politecnico of Milan, where we will be hosted by Prof. Frattini (Corso di Impianti Industriali, starting at 9:45am, Aula BL 27.0.8, Via Lambruschini 4),Prof. Mainetti (Corso di Tecnologie Applicazioni e Servizi Internet, at 3.15pm, Aula BL 27.1.4, Via Lambruschini 4)and Prof. Colombo (Corso di High Tech Entrepreneurship, at 3.30pm). Thank to all of them for welcoming us (and obviously to our speakers, Giuseppe De Giorgi and Tommaso Minola).

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