Sunday, August 8, 2010

MTB Summer BBQ 2010 - Pics

It's that time of the year.
San Francisco is getting flooded by ords of turists, in particular Europeans. How can you tell? They are the ones in shorts and flip-flops (Italians have some fancy ones) freezing while walking the San Francisco Fisherman Warf, immersed in the cool thick fog (dudes, ever thought about checking TripAdvisor before leaving??)

And in this time of year around "ferragosto" the MTB BBQ for friends and families has become a tradition.

This year we moved South, to the warm Woodside, where, in fact, there is a summer.
A great gathering for the startups hosted at the MTB Gym, the full MTB team (including the freshly arrived reinforces), mentors, and MTB aficionados that included startups from the 2009 competition (Francesco Inguscio, VRMedia) and even a witness (and finalist) of the 2008 competition (Michele Aiello, Eris 4).
Drinks, burgers and an illegally imported Italian "coppa" made the rest.
From lunch to dinner, it was a real Italian "festa".


Paolo said...

Great Marco!
happy to see your MTB Alumni growing!
I think is the best thing to do, to tell the "user experience stories" ito italian Universities. An advice for MTB future in Italy...After 3 years is intersting and very useful for the new-comers to hear the stories of MTB winners 2008, 2009, 2010: where are they now? what was the contribution of the Sv experience to their growth?
Our "la storia nel futuro" E School this year did just this job: Amar Muharemovic ( SVST 2008 and now in Sophia Antipolis- Amadeus) Claudio Capuzzo ( SVST 2005 and now DK in Aix), Lello Secondo (SVST2009 and now in LBL) spoke in Goa University, Matteo Fabbri ( SVST2009) and his fellows of the start up Phascode spoke in Novara UNI, and Bocconi; Emanuele Pierpaoli (SVST2008) and his start up Horticultural Knowledge spoke in Novara UNI and Bocconi; Niki Borghi and Corrado Alesso ( SVST 2009) told about The Hub and in Novara UNI....great success, great stimulus! i tell you: better give young user experience than professor lectures!
see you in SFo next week!

Fabrizio said...

"This year we moved South"? Ma non l'avevamo fatto a casa mia l'anno scorso? Io sono ben piu' meridionale di te...

Marco Marinucci, Mindthebridge said...

Sacrosanta verita'.
Should be: "ALSO this year, we moved south"...

Come vedi, questi giorni cerco ogni scusa per vendere Woodside al meglio!