Thursday, February 3, 2011

$50K for best graduate to join us

Have ever dreamed of landing in Silicon Valley for the opportunity of your life time? If yes, read on...

The Mind the Bridge Foundation, with the support of CRT Bank, is offering to sponsor the best graduate from Piemonte+Val D'Aosta universities.
The winner of the selection will have the opportunity to spend 12 months in San Francisco as an associate of our GYM incubator, on Pier 38.

Prerequisites: 24-27 years old, you need to have graduated in the last year and you need to be the best at what you do. In particular: you need to be hungry and fool (ring a bell??)!

If that's you, hurry up! Deadline is Feb 28.
Full info here (we are at pag 69)

Good luck, this feels just like winning the jackpot to me...


Matteo said...

Any news on it?

Marco Marinucci, Mindthebridge said...

yes, we just started the final selection process.