Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Italian pearls, today @ Stanford

The countdown is officially on.
Within the 12 startups that have been preparing this moment for the last month at the MTB GYM and the 9 SMEs that flew from a far-away land, the excitement is palpable.
And we, the organizers, have a night-before-the-exams kind of feeling.
Let's be honest. Putting together such a production, between startups, medium companies, partners and media has not been a walk in the park. Starting from the effort of aligning different organizations, with very different DNAs, but yet, moved by very similar drivers, we wanted to communicate our strong belief that we, together, can make a difference.
And yet, this is a result of a gut feeling. And a pretty strong one.
That we, Italians, have still an opportunity to shine as innovators, even in the land of innovation by definition: the Silicon Valley.
And tomorrow we'll have our opportunity to prove it, providing data (a white paper) and "the beef" (the innovators).
We'll have a pretty full agenda full of stimulating content.
Have a look/download the full brochure here.
I just can't wait...
So people. Let's get this party started!!


Paolo Tode said...

Our Country can be changed by starting from small but important things. Thank you guys for what you are doing!

Marco Marinucci, Mindthebridge said...

@Paolo - you're very welcome

Grazia Bennett said...

At the Italian Innovation Day Tim Draper mentioned in his remarks the BizWorld Foundation. Bizworld is committed to the teaching of financial education and entrepreneurship to middle school kids.
I have been involved with the organization since the beginning and I am a member of the program committee. I introduced the program at my son's school and now is part of the curriculum. In 2003 Il Sole 24 Ore dedicated one page to the organization. Contact me if you are interested to learn more about Bizworld or if you want to support the organization. And of course it would be awesome for the kids if the program could be taught in the Italian schools.