Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Virtual IID Fair, today 8AM PST

It wouldn't be a real innovation day if nothing significantly new shows up.
And here you have it!
Today, Thu Apr 7th @ 8AM PST (5PM in Italy) the Virtual Italian Innovation Day fair will officially open.
What does that mean really? It means that:
  1. you'll be able to setup your avatar (not quite Wii style, but you can decide to wear your Arabic look...)
  2. you can visit all the virtual booths of the Startups (room/pavilion B in the virtual world) and SMEs (room A) that participated at the Stanford event.
  3. you can download all the relevant information you expect from a trade show. For every exhibitor that means business cards, marketing material, videos, etc
  4. Watch the videos of the entire conference who took place @ Stanford (hint: do not miss the investor panel)
  5. Only today 8-11AM you'll be able to interact synchronously with the exhibitors. Chat, shaking hands, conduct business, even interview ...kind of like at a real trade show (expect the painful feet part)
It will be a first for me. And I can't wait to try it, eventually.
For the record, the virtual fair is the result of the amazing work done by our friends @ Hyperfair, one of the startups still hosted @ the MTB GYM.

I tried today, here's my personal feeling.
It does take sometime to download the plugin, setup your account, avatar, answer the highly politically incorrect questions, etc...
Also to understand how to move about avoiding to hit the wall at every curve. But once you get the hang of it, it's definitely a new experience.

You'll just need to come prepared with a glass of prosecco. That one has to be real.

See you in the virtual world!

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