Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer School: who's in!

MTB people,
after launching our first Summer Startup School a few weeks ago, we did experience an overwhelming response from you.

One more sign that the popularity of the Silicon Valley-Startup pair is at its tipping point amongst Italians.

Here are the candidates who made it through, for our next 3 sessions (July, August, September):
  • Andrea Amedeo
  • Andrea Morra
  • Luigi Greco
  • Marco Solfato
  • Enrico Prunotto
  • Albert William Pozzi
  • Fabio Parisi
  • Eugenio Pugliese
  • Matteo Bortolu
  • Giancarlo Vergine
  • Luca Bernardi
  • Alessandro Coscia
  • Michele Orsi
  • Giorgio Bertolino
  • Federica Riva
  • Alejandro Martinez
  • Giuseppe Pace
We are still working on the selection for the promotion in collaboration with Wired.it
Stay tuned to get more info.

In the meantime, congrats to all those who have been accepted.
You can start packing (and don't forget some thick socks + hat!)

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