Friday, July 27, 2012

Techcrunch Italia: here are the options for startups

There has been a unanimous high-five-ing in the Italian startup community at the news that Techcrunch is finally landing in Italy.
Think. Of all places, they chose Rome as the one location for hosting the first Techcrunch event in Europe!
Chapeaux to Amanda Lorenzani (from Populis), the real driver behind the coupe.
Don't get fooled by the name. Amanda is NOT Italian, but, rather, a real brit...who happened to be living in Rome at the time.
To cut is short, she made it happened, clearly playing the right cards (way better than how we, Italians, would have been able to...).

The event will take place on Sept 27th at the Globe Theatre, one of the countless unique locations that Rome has to offer (and that, frankly, will be impossible to match in the whole US).
We, as Mind the Bridge, have the honor to be responsible for the coordination of all the startup activities. 
There will be a panel, 4/5 pitches ("the best of") and a demo area, set up on the second story of the Globe theatre.
There are only spots for 40 startups in the demo area, and a ridiculous number of requests, so we'll have to go through a selection.
Here are the rules for the participation:
  • send an email to with your video pitch, or, rather, if you want to increase your chances and provide us with more relevant data, apply at, adding @TechCrunch.Italy to your startup name.
  • deadline is Aug 10th
  • the invited startups will be communicated on Aug 20th 
  • within that date, invited startups will have to have filled out the registration form (299 Euros for a bunch of stuff)
As if it wasn't enough, the day before Startup Roma will launch and there will be another couple of jaw dropping news that a little bird twitted us about (but we can't quite disclose...)
So, bella rega'. Tutti a Roma! 

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