Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's all LIVE

Less than 10 hours to the opening of the MtB Venture Camp...
I landed in Venice not too long ago, and I bet a lot of other people have already started their travel plans.
For a good number of them (and us included) it feels like the "night before the exams" kind of feeling.
Let's be clear. It ain't easy to pull together such a 2-days event. We definitely raised the bar with 14 Start-up presentations, 2 live interviews, 4 panels, a gala dinner in the lagoon and a startup-investor match-making service...
a lot of energy and a lot of collaboration among different parties.

Now, that all is done, let's just enjoy the party!
Last good news.

We are planning to provide a video live streaming of the event. Stay tuned to get the connection .. (on

See you there (live or virtual).


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Joyamo said...

Great idea!