Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Videos + Feedback = Even Better

We have started adding the videos of the 2-day Venture Camp event.

You can find them here.

This is also the right time to collect your feedback.

Do you think this activity is valuable for you?
What do you value most? Would you like to see more of this in the future?


alex said...

thanks for the videos !
Are you going to post as well videos about elevator pitches ? They are the only one missing...

Mind the bridge said...

For the time being we decided to keep the elevator pitches with restricted access.

nicola said...

I would like to thank Marco Marinucci and all the Mind the Bridge staff for the event in Venice last October.
We had the opportunity to present Yubuk at the elevator pitch and to create very interesting contacts that are becoming real business opportunities and partnerships.
Events like this and Techgarage are great opportunities to develop business and innovation in our country and I hope you could continue on this way.