Sunday, June 7, 2009

Innovello - Italians and together?

What happened a few days ago in Venice passed mostly unnoticed by the main media channels (surprise surprise…)

For the first time ever in Italy, a number of organizations representing over 130,000 companies signed a deal to work together on a one-stop portal gathering all relevant information around startups and innovation in Italy. It’s called Innovello and it’s orchestrated by Massimo Colomban and Emil Abirascid.

As Mind the Bridge foundation we applaud the effort as the first real attempt an umbrella organization that can coordinate all the major initiatives to promote Italian entrepreneurship. Therefore, we decided to be among the first organizations to sign the memorandum with the hope that the one-stop portal about Italian innovation would be just the first step to align several local efforts that today barely talk to one another.

Let’s be clear: the fundamental problem that needs to be solved is the following:

The international investment community thinks that the Italian startups scenario sucks, generally speaking. We are in this initiative to work together to change this perception. We expect that the portal will be the first step towards an umbrella organization, P4G style, able to represent and coordinate the next century Italian innovation in a global setting.

Here’s our press release for the event.

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