Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 26th - MTB at La Sapienza with Alumn

Guest post by Stefano Antonelli, MTB Alumn, ERIS4

On Friday 26th June, I will be presenting the Mind the Bridge initiative to "Scuola Volterra" at the department of Physics of "Sapienza Universita' di Roma".
The presentation will be held together with Renata Sarno one of the founder of The department of Physics of "Sapienza Universita' di Roma" is where Enrico Fermi used to teach and research before leaving Italy and even now is a very well known research institute.
I am a physic and I graduated at "Sapienza Universita' di Roma", I did my thesis in a laboratory where the APE supercomputers were developed to perform complex Quantum Chromo Dynamic (QCD) simulations.

It was an incredible environment filled with incredibly talented and creative people. From that experience a number of successful spin off were created.
They were not necessarily related to the APE project, but I think that the environment played a role in taking them off. When I came back from SV after the final Phase of the Mind the Bridge competition, I discussed with Marco Marinucci and it came out that there might be someone at Physics departement of "Sapienza Universita' di Roma" interested in the Mind the Bridge Competition. I called Renata Sarno that was at that time a PhD doctor working in the laboratory and contacted Enzo Marinari (director of "Scuola Volterrra").
In short time the presentation was setup and I am very curios about the feedback we will get. I'll keep you all posted about future developments in this blog.

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Stefano Antonelli said...

Together with Renata Sarno, I presented the Mind The Bridge Business Plan Competition at the "Scuola Vito Volterra", lot of questions where done and people were interested. Most people asked questions about how to effectively use researches and knowledge developed in the University to create business oriented company.