Monday, April 7, 2008

Feedbacks from SFO

Hi guys.
First of all, I would like to thanks the organisation. Meetings and events were put together perfectly, allowing for detailed talking in each meeting (including welcome dinner). No need to rush from place to place.
The best benefit of "Mindthebridge" is undoubtely the network. It is an opportunity to find out a way for your business goals. It is an opportunity to know and connect people, who knows and can connect other people, et cetera, et cetera ... . It is an opportunity for Italians to be in touch with US business environment, as well as for Americans to know what is boiling in the Italian owen and how to create value together.
Please, let me say that I am happy and sad at the same time after the event. Happy, cause the entrepreneurial spirit of Italians showed once more that "we can if we want". Sad, cause the event shows one more that the state/public Italian organisations, which claim to do it and are well supported by the Italian taxpayers, are very poorly effective.
Now, ... "homo faber fortuneae suae" ...
Keep in touch, guys.

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