Thursday, April 3, 2008

First rest...first post!

So guys,
facts speak more than words and, here I am, posting something about this amazing initiative just after 7 days spent here and just one day before coming back to Italy. That's simply means that Mind The Bridge got everythings from you...not only a presence or an idea...but everything: passion, iron will, time...really all the time you have! ;-) And that’s to help you as most as they can. Our mission is their mission and it’s the only mission that has sense here: “reach the goal!”.
So guys…don’t think MTB is just a business plan competition please! It’s really more than that! We are talking about a network of business developers and technology experts who love to breath innovation, moved on by passion and will to make Italy get back the role of the first order it deserves. That’s true! You know…history rules. And here we are again…americans and italians…two special countries with open minds and…how to say…fast beating hearts which have contributed a lot to what we now call modern society. So let’s hope to be able to get these big results together again and again and again! That’s the goal ;-) Btw every great goal always stay at the end of a long and difficult path that you can do only if supported by very special persons. So very thanks to all the members of the selection and organizing committee. A special thanks also go to Marco Marinucci (the creator of this amazing initiative) and Fabrizio Capobianco (a big CEO and a wonderful advisor) and all the people I have met here that helped me to tune-up my business with their feedbacks or simply give me some very important informations (Matteo Daste, Vittorio Viarengo, Giacomo Marini, Fausto Boni, Richard Boly, Matteo Fabiano, Alessandro Viral, Michele Libraro, and so many others). Obviously I cannot summing up all these days in a unique post…that’s why (sorry Marco) I can only publish some cute images that let guys imagine what kind of experience MTB offered to its finalists. And the best is yet to come! That’s only the start…so stay tuned!

New Ark airport. After 10 hours of fly it's not so great discovering your next fly will take off after 4 hours delay. That's why you nust really like smiling and thinking always positive even it sometime shit happen :-)

first visit at Google - SF

That's my cute chevrolet parked at Google - Montain View

Me and Marco - Clift Hotel, SF

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