Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Presenting MTB @ Pio Manzu' conferenze

This coming Sunday (Oct 25) I will present the Mind the Bridge dreams and aspirations to a vast audience attending the 35th edition of the Pio Manzu' conference in Rimini.

I have to admit that when I received the invitation, several months ago, I had never heard of Pio Manzu'.
I blamed it to having spent a long time far from the Il Bel Paese.

When I saw that folks like Jovanotti, Vasco Rossi, Mubarack had been invited this year, I started paying attention.
Then I realized that the first conference took place in 1969, when I was still happily wearing diapers. In fact, most of our modern history was partially written at the Pio Manzu', including the cold war, Reagan, Gorbachov, Prince Diana and even Jovannotti had participated to previous editions.

Then I started feeling honored, and humbled to have the opportunity to tell the Mind the Bridge story to such a prestigious, international audience.

This year conference will focus on the values and illusions of the modern (errant) youth.
In particular, the historical challenges that the Italian youth is being facing for decades now, and why, as my friend Richard Boly used to characterize it, there is no fire burning in Italian young people.
That's my favourite topic, and I'm pretty opinionated about that.

So, if you happen to be not too far from Rimini, I strongly recommend to stop by. Entrance is free and a lot of "red-carpet" style people is expected to attend (and just in case you are ill, or something, you can watch it on RAI2 on Sunday morning).

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