Friday, October 16, 2009

Startup in the spotlight: Adhome.

Leonardo Costa of AdHome - one of the 14 semifinalists of this year's competition - has kindly agreed to answer a few questions about Mind the Bridge and related topics, seen from his perspective.

Leonardo, can you tell us briefly what your company is about?

AdHome is a startup Internet Company with the aim to empower offline advertising through a web application that supports advertisers and publishers.

How did you get in touch with the Mind the Bridge project?

Giulio, another AdHome team member read an article about Mind the Bridge foundation and event, we liked the idea and we decided to participate with the project.

How do you think that the MtB experience can help your company to develop a global presence?

I think that MTB can give to any good business idea the right exposure to the investors world which could help the venture to start and in the end to create value and benefits to the worldwide economic system.

What about your expectations regarding the time you will eventually spend in Silicon Valley?

I expect the Silicon Valley event to be really productive in particular in terms of networking and I also expect to meet some ex colleagues and friends that still live there.

What are your personal view of the Italian startup scene?

Honestly I'm relatively new within this world, I think I will have a more clear picture after MTB events; for sure I can say that looking around there are a lot of good business ideas and opportunities for the investors.

Thank you Leonardo, and... buona fortuna!


Francesco said...

Posso dire che non ho capito cosa faccia Adhome?

leocard said...

Ciao Francesco,
grazie per il commento, provo a fare un esempio pratico.
AdHome è un'applicazione web che permetterà a chi vuol fare pubblicità offline (es. volantini, manifesti e tutto ciò che non e' online banner, adwords) di incontrare chi vuol mettere a disposizione il proprio spazio (guadagnando).

Grazie e ciao,