Friday, January 1, 2010

From 2009 to 2010: looking back and forward

It's been a memorable year, here, at the Mind the Bridge Foundation.
For an organization that is in 3rd year of activity, the developments we had in a year like 2009 really matter.

Here are just some of the highlights:

Jan - a new Board of Directors starts
Feb - we launch the MTB Gym, Eris4 and Gli Affidabili join it
Mar - we host the 2008 finalists
Apr - roadshow and Gran Finale event at the Plug&Play
May - we are recognized as a California public charity corporation
Jun - we launch the 2009/10 business plan competition
Jul - we introduce our Italy based team
Sep - the Acceleratore of Politecnico di Milano becomes an affiliate of the MTB Gym (3 startup/year in Silicon Valley)
- We host our first intern in Silicon Valley
Oct - Telecom Italia Working Capital becomes an affiliate of the MTB Gym: a MTB-WC prize is instituted for one startup
- We host the first Presentation Skill training session in Milan
Nov - MTB Venture Camp event hosted in collaboration with Il Corriere della Sera. The event gets sold out in 2 weeks: 475 participants and over 7000 viewers of the live streaming
Dec - We become the main recipient of a major grant from Fondazione Cariplo

Looking back, we ought to feel really proud of what we have accomplished.
4000 of people became part of our network, 500 in Facebook, 300 in LinkedIn, our You Tube channel has been one of the most viewed among the non-profit sector worldwide. It's all a testament that what we are trying to achieve is really relevant.

However, we still feel we are at the very beginning of our adventure.
We want to help forge a global vision of entrepreneurship among Italians, we want to create a positive attitude among Italian innovators, we want to make an impact to the bottom line of our country.

2010 is shaping up as another formidable step along those lines.
We have plenty of new activities already in the pipeline.

I've set 2 main objectives for ourselves in 2010:
1) To become the primary, capillary collector
of new business ideas in Italy
2) to establish the MTB Gym as the #1 startup school for Italian startups in Silicon Valley

That is, we will be focusing on strengthening the 2 extremes of the value chain we are in.

You'll hear more in the next few days.

However, if there's something we must be very proud of is the spirit of the community we are building.
The positiveness that we are sharing is evident.
In particular the abnegation, camaraderie, professional respect and friendship among our team is what really makes this whole adventure so special to me.

Thank you guys, you rock!

Happy 201o.


massimo carraro said...

Thank you Marco.

Let's try to keep it it up, and good luck to all of us in the new year!

Gabrieles said...

2009 has been a memorable year for MTB ... and I'm sure that 2010 will be even better...

Let's go ahead guys!

Francesco said...

You guys rock!